Hwy 9 Fun Run!

kid prodigy

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wow, i havent been on here for a while. 40 hr weeks been kicking my ass at work. i think we all need to take a break and meet up sometime. it would be nice if we had another kick back. well hope to visit this site again when i have time. deuce


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Check out MOCC Forums, to get a meet together, just like Andrew said, most of the guys aren't looking at this thread anymore.


C'mon lets bury this thread and end it for good. We have all found out at some point in time the massive toolishness of a good majority of the people on here. If you know the special website to go to you should bring this up there


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Much fun, for all intents and purposes. Last night brought a little fog in some undisclosed places during an undisclosed time.


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Where do you live in Nor cal, DRPHILL, I live in the east bay...danville/san ramon/alamo area...know of any good Bay area driving roads?


Wow, I haven't had a P5 for like 5 years now. I can't believe i'm still subscribed to this.

Where's my NPOT crew at?????? Natey, Andrew? Shoot i dont even remember what that s*** stood for. Norther Protege Owners some s***. Team, touge, it didn't matter cause the true meaning is all in its double entendre.

Ok peace Hwy 9 ers, keep it safe. Probably had a river coming down it a couple days ago.



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i got an email that you guys were still posting on this :) i havent talked to any of you in years... sup nate, sup roy, sup jimmy