2016 CX-5 rear EPB issue...Help!

Hey guys! I tried to put my Mazda CX-5 in maintenance mode after I had unplugged one of the ECB’s and now both calipers are locked and I can’t get the parking brake to release. Tried putting it IN maintenance mode and take it OUT of maintenance mode. None of this has worked so far. I’m in desperate need of some help!
2018 AWD GT Premium Red/Black
What's an ECB? The purpose of putting it in maintenance mode is to back off the electric brake using its motor drive to give clearance so you aren't fighting the motor when you push back in the piston. Then out of maintenance mode it will snug it back up, taking out the slop, then back off - if parking brake not applied. The motor needs to be connected for both of those.

When you try to put it in and out of maintenance mode, are you doing it with the motor plugged in and brake parts in place?
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