Mazda5 FS: 2010 Mazda5 - Manual - $4.9K - 128k Miles - New York

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2010 Mazda5 Manual 5-speed - $4900 - 128k Miles - 2 owner

Much of the following copy is obvious to Mazda enthusiasts. Thanks for checking out this listing.

Among the most reliable and affordable enthusiast cars ever built with a sliding door. It was marketed as a minivan in the USA but it's more like a tall wagon, considering it's compact size. These are increasingly hard to find with a manual transmission. It has a smooth shifting 5-speed and a light, easy to modulate clutch. The steering is good with decent feedback and good weight. The engine has reasonable power and a good spread of torque. It loves to rev and doesn't mind spending time at higher rpm. It's fun to drive.

The car has abundant cargo and passenger space for it's size. If you're a photographer you'll love all of the spots to hide expensive camera gear and the massive trunk to carry oversize items. If you have kids the third-row can fit 2 additional people, as long as they're small.

Safety was my biggest concern when buying a car. The Mazda5 platform wag codeveloped in Europe with Volvo and this generation (2006-2010) had a 6-star J-NCAP safety rating. This was the highest rating of any Japanese car of that year. In Europe it received the highest score for adult occupant safety protection - a 5-star rating in Euro NCAP testing. This was the first time that a minivan has managed to achieve the highest safety rating in both Europe and Japan.

This Mazda5 has been well maintained with regular oil changes and a recent brake service. The inspection sticker is good through August with no check-engine lights showing. The tires have considerable tread and will not need replacement anytime soon.

The the interior is a nice place to spend time and is respectably clean with no offensive odors. I cleaned the car with Biokleen Bac-Out, a natural and hypoallergenic enzyme cleaner and do not use any chemical products in the interior. The glass is cleaned with vinegar and water.

In terms of functionality the only issue is a broken exterior door handle on the passenger-side sliding door. The sliding door is operable from the inside. Otherwise, the car shows scratches and dents like most used family cars. In the photos you'll also see that the paint is bubbling on the drivers-side rear fender. If I were going to do anything to this car I would replace the front struts which are beginning to feel a bit soft and tired. Overall, this is a safe car that will take you wherever you need to go.

Please email me with any questions you might have. Serious buyer or not, I don't mind answering your questions about the Mazda5.

Located centrally in Beacon, NY. Should you come from New York to Beacon you can take Metro North from Grand Central in 1hr and 20 minutes. The car is located at my house which is only a 15 minute walk from the train station. If you are driving from NYC it's a 1hr and 40 minute ride, depending on traffic.

I am willing to ship the car up to 100 miles at no additional cost. All five-boroughs of NYC fall within this range.


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