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    Brace yourself

    My own lateral links still work great. Some were trying to talk me out of them. See top of this page. Mazstyle nice to see you back here. I'm in the same boat as you, I will sell it soon and most likely, I will get an Alfa Stelvio. I will have to lower that too, it sits way to high. For a GT, or...
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Got back my rear spoiler from the paint shop, and installed it. I had the clear coat peeling off.
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    How to access CX-5 firewall for amp install?

    I have drilled a hole as well on the driver side and used one of these fittings (not exactly this size though)...
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    Drive Belt tensioner leaking at 40,700 miles per dealer

    The chirping/squeaky belt sound gives it away, that it needs replacing.
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    Possible warped rotors?

    Long downhills(?), I just downshift and save my brakes. Nice to have paddle shifters.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Yeah, I have learned my lesson too. Start with the free tire balancing first.
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    Corksport has CX5 2017+ lowering springs now

    I have the first gen CS springs and recently I have replaced my struts with Koni Yellows. I did not notice much of a difference. I have to confess, that I don't know how to adjust them properly, though. I had the original struts on for 65k and to me, after having these new ones on the car, I can...
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    I don't have any serious issues with my car, one of my tire was unbalanced, that caused all the vibration. I have a creaking sound coming from the driver's seat, but that is most likely a bad welding issue, since I heard a pop one day. A while ago the lumbar support had a similar issue, bad...
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    I don't understand, what has the lowering to do, with ball joint boots tearing up? I have already installed the Koni Yellows, it rides very well, but I don't feel a big difference from the factory ones. I feel mostly the difference, because they are new, most likely. CS springs are harsh, but if...
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    2013~2016 New Tires

    Do not go with Nitto Motivo. I'm at 1-1/2 years with them, and the front ones are almost ready to be replaced. I put maybe 9-10k miles/year.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    I just had a big nail removed and patched a few day ago, for free, at Americas Tire, since they have installed it and they offer this warranty. They also had to balance my tires also for free, due to the bad vibration, that one of the wheels had. This car is fun and I still like it a lot, but...
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    Battery went completely Dead. Jump-started, now engine is shaky and weak?

    High amperage contacts will alway spark, that is not an issue. Did you put back the air filter cover correctly? Not getting extra air by any chance?
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    Corksport has CX5 2017+ lowering springs now

    I think, that this is the right drop for these SUVs. The H&R, Eibach and the CS (for the first gen) springs are not enough, or too much of a drop.
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    Koni Yellow adjustment and settings

    Front driver side wheel was unbalanced. Two techs tried balancing it, and they couldn't. They had to call their manager, and he manage to balance it properly. It's all good again.
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    Non tax fees?!