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    2007 Mazda5 2.3L engine, possibly terminal - Options?

    If they looked bad, something else is not right. Hopefully the regapping will fix the issue. I would pull one of the worst looking ones after about 10k and see if it's beginning to foul again.
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    2008 Mazda3 GS - Weird Engine Lights

    If it's an intermittent issue, it may be a "pending" code. The ECU will test things and may not throw a CEL until it fails more than once. So it may be in there. Any code ready should also be able to clear the codes which is handy to see if a CEL is truly an issue if it returns right away...
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    2008 Mazda3 GS - Weird Engine Lights

    What codes? Always get the OBD codes when you see the check engine light. Readers are dirt cheap.
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    Rattling sound at 2000 RPM...Help!

    You're doing everything a mechanic would have to do to find it. Sometimes those rattles can be impossible to find. You can try the "stethoscope" trick. Take a piece of hose/pipe/broom handle and put it to your ear and poke it in places inside the engine compartment or under the dash while...
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    Mazda5 Replacement Axles?

    How much longer do you plan on keeping the car? A remanned unit should last a couple of years at least...even one that the remanufacture was sloppy. If you're planning on keeping the car until the wheels fall off, and do the work yourself, I always look at it like the savings in labor allows...
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    Mazda5 has zero factory sound deadening and I can prove it!

    I'm not surprised. Only sound deadening I have seen in budget cars is under the carpet and up by the firewall. It adds weight and expense that their target market is more concerned with.
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    2009~2013 Mazda3 Anti-Theft / AT Light Issue

    What does he do to get it started again? I'm guessing he probably reprograms the keys? Is this the dealer installed theft deterrent system? 4 button key fob? If so, I would suspect the theft module. I ripped that garbage out of the 2008 Mazda 3 and bought new key fobs. Did you try all your...
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    Why does the front-passenger seat not have power controls?

    I think it's going to take time to get into the luxury segment for them. They have a tiny lineup of cars compared to other companies. They have to be really really careful how they proceed. Solid, reliable, good value is their image. Not a bad image but not enough that you could peel away a...
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    Short spark plugs?

    Well, cross referencing them, it appears they are considered compatible. The threads don't so much matter as the length of the electrode. Your VIN has an engine code in it: jm1cw2bl6c0112272 j = Japan (build location) m1 = Mazda cw2b = Car Attributes. L = Engine 6 = Security Code c = Model...
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    Short spark plugs?

    Just get them from the dealer. That part number he gave you looks good. I checked it on with your VIN and your vin matched a prior part number for that plug (see below). I would buy four LFJD-18-110-9U from the dealer and you'll sleep well. Taken from dealer web site...
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    Short spark plugs?

    My opinion is go to the Mazda dealer. They will take your vin and tell you EXACTLY what you need since you are unsure regarding the original owner's possible replacement. They will gladly sell you the plugs or you can take the part number and obtain the correct ones elsewhere. Autozone or...
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    Easier Mazda5 cabin filter changes, also applies to Mazda3

    Yeah. I know. I have a Mazda 3 and a 5. I'm getting better at it.
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    2014~2018 Dealership second opinion: OCV/Valve cover leak?

    I wouldn't worry too much until I see too much oil in any one spot or the oil level starts dropping a little too much for my taste. Leaky valve covers can go for hundreds of thousands of miles. Just check the oil level regularly. Watch that back leak. Retorque/tighten the valve cover. DO...
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    Why does the front-passenger seat not have power controls?

    Most cars I have owned have never had power passenger seats. Toyota, Hondas, Mazdas. Power driver seats though.
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    Easier Mazda5 cabin filter changes, also applies to Mazda3

    The screws aren't my problem. It's getting the filters back in and orientated properly. That's where I get pissed. But I like the looks of that tool. I need to obtain it.