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    WTB: Split Second controller, FMF, etc

    Greets! yes, its been awhile.. Fixin to do a build, need some bits NIB Manley platinum pistons/rods/bearings Fidanza flywheel exhaust mani BNR s4v2 cam buckets chief wiggum and wagon man still around?? hehe
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    MS6 Fluid Notes & DIY Pictures

    So, 9 years on.......................................... NOOBS from face booke funny noise how much my buddy said I searched if you found this, you can find so much more, your questions were answered years ago, documented and preserved
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    What have you done to your MS3 today?

    MY WINDSHIED HASN'T SEEN WIND IN 6 MOS Yeah, see my my build log on MSF, thats where I've been, sad that this place has been so dead, but To use a harry potter analogy, : I always was supposed to be in slytherin, I only ended up in gryfindor because I tried to pound in a few posts and get...
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    What have you done to your MS3 today?

    I started mine, been puttering with it a bit Whatsup Eric ? @ericrapp;
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    HYPERTECH programmer - No Longer Available

    HYPERTECH programmer Hypertech Tuning module, with original box,disc,stickers etc. The unit has been flashed to the latest firmware with the Idle speed option. case isn't pristine, but looks way better after I wiped it off. See the pic in the box. Other pics taken in car to show that it...
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    Progress RSB for Mazda3 2004 and up - SOLD

    Progress RSB for Mazda3 2004 and up So I bought this bar 6 years ago (hard to believe, tempus fugit) And hit the fail button, it turns out its the model for a regular 3.......noob But really felt ok ish I discovered the mistake when I put fresh bushings on it last year. about 3K miles on...
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    Cobb Access Port v3

    Yeah, 300. Huh, and I was asking about a V2 same price, meaning they are delibratly trying to make V2 obsolete since market on a V2 is 350ish well, 500 is a good V3 price, but I don't need the features GLWS
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    Cobb Access Port v3

    isn't that like 400 bux? they do serious extortion at cobb
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    Cobb Access Port v3

    So I take it its still married to someones car?
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    accessport V2

    got one? know of one? Lemme know
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    Bnr s3

    got one, know of one? lemme know
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    Booost spike

    Wow, super active forum these days.............(cricket) CAI< TIP< LAIC<DP<autotech's<HT tune The issue, should any archaeologist care, was the torque app defaulting to a +14.7 mode after self updating The noise? dunnostill there but not as pronounced
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    Booost spike

    Hey These are log graphs from the torque app, which I have used in the past, and recently, since the dashhawk is unsupported, all the time As you can see, its reporting boost peak of 33, tapering to like 28. The shape looks correct, any thoughts? I also have a kinda detonation like grungly...
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    Horrible Gas Mileage

    the colder plugs will chill the wetness right off I go two steps colder in the winter
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    What are the dangers of tuning your own vehicle?

    No way to answer a TROLL