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    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    Thanks for the list of things to check for, I will be sure to take a look at all of those items that you listed and post an update.
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    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    Never overheated anything but the coolant leak I'm referring to is from the oil analysis. I'm planning to submit another sample to Blackstone labs to confirm before taking any action in addition to performing a visual inspection. Others have suggested to perform a pressure test as well which I...
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    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    Thanks for sharing! I'll probably do an analysis from Blackstone labs this time to confirm if it's indeed a coolant leak. Hopefully my car isn't toast lol
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    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    I did my oil analysis at 73K and apparently there's a coolant leak. I brought my vehicle to a mechanic 2 months ago and he did a pressure test but did not find any sources of a leak so I am not sure. I did put some UV dye in the coolant reservoir to see if the funny smell coming from my heater...
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    2013~2016 Broken CX-5 Stabilizer Link

    I didn't use the metal cut-off grinding wheel but I probably should have as it took a while to cut through the nut and each blade was destroyed during the process. I tried to focus on the washer portion of the nut and do a clean cut. I was successful but it was a very exhausting process that I...
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    2013 - 2016 CX-5 Rear Stabilizer Link Replacement

    A. OEM Parts Required (4) Stabilizer Link Nuts (9YB0-41-031): There is a very high probability that you will not be able to reuse your old nuts due to the conditions they have to undergo and there is a high probability that you will need to destroy the nuts on the either side (driver/passenger)...
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    2013~2016 Broken CX-5 Stabilizer Link

    Absolutely spot on 100%. I just attempted to use the Allen key with a box end 14 mm to remove the nut and then the bolt snapped and now it's free spinning. I'll probably try the Dremel/angle grinder and if that doesn't work out my next step would be the mechanic. This is one of those cases...
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    When will replacement be needed and about how much (tires and brakes)?

    Hey there, I have some tips that might help you: To check tire tread, get this tire depth gauge ($6.00) from Amazon. It has the different color coding's on there to indicate whether or not the tire has enough tread or needs to be replaced. Typically, it's recommended to replace tires at 2 mm of...
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    2013~2016 Broken CX-5 Stabilizer Link

    4/3: Attempted to loosen the sway bar end link for the driver (rear) side but it got too dark so had to stop. Here's my observations: You will have an extremely difficult time removing the top bolt with a socket (impact or non-impact rated) using a 1/2 or 3/8 breaker bar/ratchet due to the...
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    2019 CX-5 AWD Jacking Points?

    Here are some jack pads that I have found and may help you guys. I've been using #1 for the past 2 - 3 weeks and I haven't had much issues with it. I have the HF Daytona 3 ton jack (square jack pad) and it fits perfectly. As for long term usage and reliability, I can't comment on that but I...
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    2019 CX-5 AWD Jacking Points?

    The coupon is gone permanently lol
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    2013 - 2016 CX-5 Front/Rear Brake Replacement + One Person Brake Bleed Guide

    The materials and information presented below are subjective and based on my experiences and research. Use this as a guide and perform your own judgment/due-diligence to see what parts/method(s) work best for you. If you believe that there are any mistakes in this guide or other best practices...