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    Disappointment and Frustration

    Op, I may have missed it but before you dump your new CX5 have you taken it back to the dealer and asked them to check things out? Adjustments like tire balance and alignment are usually covered the first 3 months, and it sounds like your car is not tracking as it should. I can tell you driving...
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    2018 CX5 issue with emissions test

    Interesting...Just read on the Fiat Spider forum (which is made in the Mazda Miata plant and has Mazda electronics) that a person had this exact same issue with his 2018 Spider in N.C. It had to do with older emissions equipment not being able to communicate with the car.
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    Poor gas mileage, questionable coil pack, oil on spark plugs...

    Did the OP every find out why his CX5's MPG dropped after pulling that boat?
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    Soft knock sound when heater on. Anyone else?

    Played with the heater/ac controls last time sound appeared. No change with AC on or off. No change with fan speed. No change with changing fresh to recycle air. Only when I completely turn the ventilation system off is when the soft knock goes away (also has no connection to engine speed). Very...
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    Soft knock sound when heater on. Anyone else?

    I'll try to play with the controls next time it happens. (drove 80 miles today and nothing). But it would seem not to be a common issue from the lack of responses here.
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    Soft knock sound when heater on. Anyone else?

    I think the vent was open for outside air but I would need to check for sure next time it happens. What are you thinking?
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    Soft knock sound when heater on. Anyone else?

    We have 22K miles on our 2018 CX5. Recently noticed a very soft knock sound coming from the engine bay when the heater is on. Goes off as soon as I completely turn off the climate control system. Sound only happens once a month and then goes away. Heater and AC seem to work fine. Sound is so...
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    Sport Mode...Again

    We use sports mode when we need to enter a busy road from a stop. It seems to get us up to speed much faster. (then we turn it off)
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    Keyless System Malfunction and unable to start

    I would not be so sure that the battery is ok since its a 2018. We have a 2018 and battery recently tested and found to be getting weaker, but not bad enough yet to replace it. Also, if distilled water has not been added to the battery since new, the cells may be low in water and cause the...
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    CX-5 engine rattle

    Any follow up on this? Our 2018 with 22K miles started making a similar, but less noticeable sound, when first started on a cold day. Goes away after driving for 2 minutes.
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    Catastrophic CX-5 Crash - Driver Walks Away

    As he pulls the engine off the road onto his truck, the oil filter can be seen and looks fine! Crazy crash. Happy to hear driver survived!
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    2019 CX-5, Coolant problem (CEL = P0126)

    If you haven't already call Mazda Customer Service and ask them if they can help out. Even if you don't get service at the dealer, they may split the cost of the repair. Never hurts to ask (they did that for me years ago). Worst they can say is no.
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    New CX-5 - When Should I really get my first oil change?

    My advice is let the car tell you. Set oil change interval to flexible when you first get the car and when its time (based on driving/miles/time) the car will tell you. I did that when we first got our 2018 CX5 and it came up to change the oil at ~6,000 miles.
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    2017~2021 Water on Passenger A-Pillar when Snowing/Raining

    We have had a 2018 CX5 since new. No wind noise. No water leaks in snow or hard rain. Clearly when you brought it in they made up an excuse without checking out the real reason for the issue, and took your money! Open a case with Mazda, ask for a refund, take it to another dealer.
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    Replacing CX5 OEM battery with a Group 35 AGM equivalent

    Ok great...Our 2018 cx5 does not have i-stop so no i-eloop. Thanks.