Yakima MightyMounts on Factory Rails


Just an FYI regarding the CX-9 factory roof rails. The short -- the Yakima 10V vertical Mighty Mounts fit perfectly.

The long version:

I have a Yakima Big PowderHound that was on my '02 PathFinder. I recently purchased a CX-9, and the two sets of rail mounts included with that snowboard rack wouldn't fit on the CX-9 cross rails.

If you check Yakimas web site you'll see that they have no fit guide for the CX-9 factory rack / rails. If you call them to ask what Mighty Mounts will fit the factory bars, they will tell you that the only option is to install their whole system - towers, bars, yada yada yada. Alternatively, you can buy the Mazda snowboard rack which holds a measly 2 snowboards and costs $125 (0000-8L-G02A). So if you want to hold 4 boards like the Big Powderhound does, that'll cost you $250 from Mazda (made by Yakima by the way). Other alternatives have been discussed on the board with other manufacturers.

I knew that the rails must be a standard size, so I headed to REI and grabbed the 10V Mighty Mounts for $34 (which I had heard work with the CX-7 rails). These fit nice and snug ... perfectly.

Just figured I would put the info out there for anyone else in the same boat -- with old Yakima racks that need to be installed on their factory CX-9 rails. I found nothing on Google when I searched around.



2008 Mazda CX-9 AWD GT
Thanks for posting your findings. I'll be giving the 10V Might Mounts with the factory cross bars a try.


2008 Mazda CX9 Grand Touring AWD
Wish I had found this thread yesterday. Spent $50 for the Yakima "Universal" mount kit which worked fine but is less secure that the Mightly Mounts because you can unscrew the mounts from the roof rack. Oh well, I don't usually park the car with skis on top so I'll use what I have.....


2004 3S 5-door, 2007 CX-9 GT
Do the 10V mighty mounts work? Where is the best place to buy? Saw some on Amazon for $35.

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