XM on cx 9

Curious as to the possibilities for installing an aftermarket XM reciever instead of the sirius unit that is an option, anyone try this yet?


i have been researching it, since I prefer XM to Sirius, but I can't find very many answers. Crutchfield.com has some info on putting other receivers into an existing factory head unit. But I can't find any specific examples with a CX-9, and with one of their automated "find the product to match your vehicle" steps, it shows nothing yet for CX-9, as I recall.

I don't trust Best Buy to dig into my car, that's for sure. I might end up calling Crutchfield for advice - they seem to be as current as anybody, and perhaps buy from them and have the dealer install it. My dealer as of now is pretty green on the CX-9 nav and audio stuff.
Yeah i asked the dealer we went visited about satellite radio and he started talking about the nav system.
I don't get it, it's not just this dealer, but also our local toyota dealer looked at me like I had monkeys crawling out of my ears when I mentioned XM radio. XM and sirius have both been around long enough that you'd think salespeople would have at least HEARD of it...