WTB: FMIC, DPs, etc.


2003 Speed Protege
WTB: FMIC, DPs, etc.

Hey guys just joined the forum and noticed a lot of people buying and selling parts!
I own a 2003 Speed Protege w/ Injen cold air and some other little mods, looking to pickup some used/new parts for the car. My car is sitting at 118,xxx.


2 fog lamps (one side is cracked, Id like to get a pair)

Front mount intercooler w/ piping (brand doesnt matter)

Ets side mount intercooler

Down pipe (doesnt matter what brand)

A forged wastegate off the turbo

Brake Booster Line

I have a uni-chip that I could sell or trade, stock intake tubing, Apexi turbo timer, stock heat shield.

Please send me a message or leave a comment here! Have cash in hand and ready to pick some of this stuff up!
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