Wrench light on

I have a 2017 cx9 and the service (wrench) light is on. Next oil change and rotate is 4000 miles away. Are there other maintenance intervals that will cause this to alert you? Total miles is 64000. thx!!


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Usually the wrench light turning on will be accompanied by an alert in the Infotainment system (ie. shows up on the tablet display with a little more information).

If there is no additional info, bring it to a local auto shop like a Pep Boys, Napa, Canadian Tire, etc. to see if they can read the OBDII codes for you. Those codes will help you figure out what's triggering the light.
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Perhaps the last time the oil was changed the service interval was not properly reset. You can scroll through the options to see if the choice for interval is what you want. If you have questions, ask here, give us the option currently selected and the last date & mileage you had the oil changed.
Sometimes the dashboard service interval and the infotainment service interval get out of sync ( kind of weird but they are actually 2 independent system). While i can’t tell for sure that there are no other reasons for the dashboard reset to come on (like a specific service trigger), there is a procedure to reset the dashboard service interval independently if it is saying a different information than the infotainment service interval. I posted the procedure here before but will try to find it again.