White noise from Bose system?

Hey guys, I just bought a 2017 CX-9 GT and love it so far. The only small issue I have is that there seems to be a low hissing / white noise coming from the speakers when the radio is turned off or muted. It's not a huge deal but it does get annoying at times. I tried playing around with the settings but nothing really helps. If I turn off Centerpoint, the sound goes away for a second and comes back. They upgraded the radio with Apple Carplay/Android Auto.

Does anyone else have this issue with their CX-9?

Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
It sounds like someone connected something incorrectly. I'd take it back to whoever did the upgrade.
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2019 Pearl White Touring with Premium Pkg
Mine does this too with the factory setup. When you turn off the key, you hear a faint white noise that fades to nothing...almost sounds electrical like a discharge. I perceive it to be only on the right side. I've found others here or in another Mazda community reporting same and dealer doesn't hear it.
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I upgraded to CarPlay within a week of getting my 2016 GT and there is no white noise. Could be on a vehicle to vehicle basis or as PTGuy said, could be a bad install
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