Where’s the connector for the Bluetooth module?

2012 Mazda5 Sport 6MT
I recently received notification that a local salvage yard got in a 2012 Grand Touring with front-end damage so I went over to scrounge up a few parts. Most important was the left rear taillight, and this car had a good one. I was a little worried that getting to it might be a challenge because the hatch was closed, but between Saturday, when I examined the car, and today, someone popped it open so that they could get the right taillight.

Whilst there I grabbed a few items that my Sport 6MT didn’t have, like the stalks with the fog light switch and a few other things to add, like extra lighter sockets and some switches. One thing that I snagged was the Bluetooth module. I didn’t get the instrument cover with the microphone since I’m more interested in just streaming the audio (and they wanted too much for the part), nor did I get the steering wheel since I already have the upgraded leather wheel with the additional controls.

Way back when I drove a base-base-BASE model, zero options Ford Windstar (don’t judge - it was free). The rear window had the defroster grid on it, but it didn’t come with a switch to turn on the defroster unless you bought air conditioning, something my car was ordered without (for a good reason). It seemed odd to me at first but then I realized that it’s cheaper to make every rear window with the grid rather than having to pay more for a few rear windows without the grid for the cheapskates that didn’t buy air conditioning. Based on this experience I expected the wiring harness in the Mazda5 to be common between all three models in order to minimize cost.

I poked around a little this afternoon and found some other connectors taped to the harness but didn’t see one right away that would go to the BT module. My back is a little sore right now so I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted to looking for it. Assuming that my logic is sound, should I expect to find this plug? If it matters, I also snagged the BCM (body control module) from the GT in case that was needed to enable Bluetooth and maybe possibly the trip computer; I just hope that there are no differences between programming on MT and AT cars, or that it isn’t tied to the VIN.
If I remember correctly, the BT module is mounted behind the glove compartment - you better remove that part of the trim completely to have better access to that area. Chances are the connector for the part you scored is there.

And this part, to my understanding, was connected to the original stereo, which also has to have some part, which might be absent in your trim.

In my personal opinion, it's not worth the trouble, better get an aftermarket stereo. Or a Bluetooth aux device, if you're on a budget.
2012 Mazda5 Sport 6MT
Thanks for the reply. For the last eight years or so my glove compartment and the associated trim has been down in my basement leaving that area of the dash wide open. I tore it apart all those years ago to fit a Bluetooth hands-free kit that I hated (it connected into the factory harness and drove only the front speakers with its own weak amp), a Harman-Kardon iPod interface and an HD radio. I was expecting the wiring to all be present in the harness as that seemed like the most cost-effective way to wire up a car but I was sadly mistaken. In addition, the wiring for the microphone over the instrument cluster was also not present, so what I assumed would a simple OEM upgrade was not.

I do have a Bluetooth adapter that plugs into a lighter socket that actually works pretty well and I guess that I'll stick with that for the time being. I did find a nice JVC KW-R35BTS double-DIN head unit at the Goodwill Outlet that has good iPhone control, Bluetooth and USB options (but no HD radio) and I might install that, albeit as a secondary unit in the glove compartment. Years ago I did buy a full-screen do everything Chinesium stereo meant for the car and I hated it; I ripped it out after two weeks and put back the stock unit (well, the fancier one with the 6-disc changer that I found on eBay), and now that big LCD thing also collects dust in the basement.

Perhaps someday I'll purchase a high-quality unit that does everything I want, but money's a bit tight these days. With all of the money I've wasted on this project in the last decade I could have bought something decent, but whatever - live and learn.