Wheel Difference on CX-9 Signature/GT between 2020 and 2019?

2020 CX-9 Touring
Does anybody know the RIM/wheel differences between 2020 CX-9 Signature (9965148500 / 9965138500) and 2019 CX-9 Signature (9965048500)?

Please correct me if I used the wrong part codes!

Curious about what changed, as I see the same spec regarding the wheel between these 2 years on https://www.wheel-size.com.
However, it shows that 9965048500 does not fit 2020 Mazda on https://www.zoomzoomnationparts.com or other part websites.

Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 5.29.31 pm.png
2019 CX-9 GT
I believe the 2020 wheels are a slightly darker colour. The specs should be all the same though. Not 100% sure so don’t quote me on it.