What is the lowest offset that fits on the 5?


2006 Mazda5
Hey all! I recently bought a 06 Mazda5 and I need wheels. I am big into the Diamond Racing deep dish steel racing rims, or the American Racing AR767. I've seen a lot of Civics and other stanced rides with these and I love the unconventional rim choice for a tuner car (I included a photo for reference) e2c0ca2495859c63974ac7255aa8df2f.jpg . I found a set of these at 16"x8" but they have a 25.4mm offset... As the 5 has a 52.5mm offset and me not knowing much about what will fit on this car, what is the lowest offset that will fit? Has anyone put rims like this on a 5? I can't seem to find any info. Thanks!