What have you done to your MS6 today?


Well guys...

HOLY CRAP< when did you blow your MZR? or did you have a perfectly healthy MZR still and just wanted something unique?! :p
From the look of things... RB26DETT? with bigger turbos? You cant just post pics without more info you jerk! lol dyno yet? hp? torque?

I agree. Awesome! What it is?

the big lettering on the front is the giveaway. im just not 100% sure which model exactly since the valve cover seems to be missing...
arent those pretty expensive?


ah nice, im considering doing this... plus, doesnt it have an dimmer for headlight reflection?

Also, when you gonna get a lower profile stance? Even just a conservative 1 to 1.5 inch drop would look 100% better on those sexy shoes!!

Yes, it has the dimmer, homelink and compass.
I was going to buy coilovers but then i found a great deal on a BBK, Plus ive heard alot of mixed reviews on coilovers.
Also I received my calipers today and still waiting on the discs



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Yes it is a photoshop. that would be my friends engine, photoshopped into my car :D.

Now it would be cool if that was real life, lol.


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09 speed

Hey guys. I got a cobb accessport for Christmas. I have a catless down pipe and a CAI. What tune should I use on my 09 speed? Please PM me if you can


uh... 09 speed 3? this is speed6 forums. and not really the thread to ask in. Should just make a new thread in MS3 section... if you see this. 7 days later...
but uh, prolly could use one of the preloaded stage1 maps, it should list i think its just for intake, exhaust, ... n something else... but yey someone WITH an AP would be able to answer for sure.

Anyway, tweaked my exhaust the other day, finally got that crazy rattling to stop. Simply undid exhaust clamps moved the muffler positioning around and presto.
And then i looked into my engine bay... power steering fluid leak... AGAIN!?!?!? >_<"


^ nice. gonna tune for VTA or dual?

So i just got my Cobb AP yesterday, long story posted on MOCC, but essentially problems all night until i got things smoothed out.
Loving the OTS map i DL'd from cobb, pulls hard and WAY smoother than it did pre re-flash. Can't wait to learn more and move on to my next mod plans. :)


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Still waiting to install my parts (front & rear CS sway bars and CS exhaust). Other priorities took place. VVT replacement. Had P0011 code. Chain was whacking and pin broken. Caught it quickly so no other damage. Dealer fixed everything (there goes my plan to do it in the summer). Cost: $1349.57. Ouch. At least I know it is back in full working condition.

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hey i'm been pouring over the 6crew forum trying to find the dam name of it, or pics of it, but whats the name of that fmic kit for speed6's, that basically fill in the whole lower rad grill. it looks like somebody stuffed a skittle neewon front mount into a speed. i swear i think i saw it on 6crew.


Mazdaspeed 6

Did JBR Stage II intake this weekend to replace my AEM CAI. I like it much better. I also had my Corksport cutback exhaust installed yesterday. Much louder than I was expecting but it is a nice sound.
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What have I done? I bought mine. Here she is. 2006 velocity red.


has cpe long dp, Corksport exhaust, cobb ap, turbo xs bov, cobb intake and tip, gen pu ms3 wheels, tokikco blue struts with road magnet springs, hid fogs, hid headlights with halos, and led tails. Sure I'm missing some stuff. Has 94k miles and I got it for $9k. Will post more pics later
SCMP3, welcome to the forum, and it sounds like you got a great deal... (I think, I haven't checked prices in a long time!)

I just noticed something new the other night, and I think I may need to replace my clutch. Under heavy acceleration - getting up to speed from the on-ramp, passing on the highway, etc. - the car revs higher than it used to without a corresponding increase in speed. The revs slowly come down after a second and the car catches up and settles in. If I accelerate slowly, things seem fine, but if I put my foot down (I noticed it in 4th, 5th, and 6th I think) the revs come up fast and the acceleration isn't there to match. Is my clutch on the way out? Should I be worried about flywheel?

If it is time to replace it, any recommendations? This is our daily drive, no power mods, maybe a few trips down the 1/4 mile every other year.

- OEM (expensive but 100% fit?)
- ACT (old standby, may be questionable quality? requires more than clutch replacement?)
- SPEC (another old standby)
- Eagle Motorsports (a recent OEM alternative)
- ClutchMasters (more high power oriented? requires more than clutch replacement?)

I just want the most straightforward, economical (i.e. cheap) replacement I can get, if I don't need to mess with pressure plate, fly, etc., I'd rather not.
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Thanks....I had a msp before this that I loved. Been on here for some time. Won Mazda of the month in Dec with it.