What have you done to your Miata today?

I too did some winter prep by swapping the winter tires over. No long winter's nap for my girl.

While the wheels were off, I pulled the PS caliper off. Shortly after installing the new pads and rotors, I got the annoying brake squeal from that corner. However it wasn't all the time, I noticed no abnormal wear on the rotor nor felt any excessive heat after driving. I checked the slide pins and they were good, so I wiped them down and re-lubed them. Next step was to apply some CRC disk brake quiet (which I bought yestrday) to the back of the pads. I have been using Centric Posi-Quiet Ceramic pads for about 15 years now and never once lubed the back of the pads and never had squealing. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Tam and I drove across town to visit her mom and dad and no squealing. For now, I will call it a success.

Getting close to that 200K milestone Bruce!

@Conrad 16.5 Enjoy all of that new found organization!

Nice pics Mark! I have never seen that Rotary wheel before. That yellow MSP is clean!
Wow! I can believe the price of them as I check out JDMrupewrecht's FB page from time to time and see the price that older/used wheels are going for. Like anything though, you need to find that one buyer if trying to sell.
I've always liked how the rotor wheels looked, but at 13" they are too small for me. They've always been rare in the US and that always means pricey.

My 7 has 14" wheels currently, once I get her spruced up with the widebody kit she'll be wearing 15's.
Had a last minute track day on Saturday. What a blast. Rain held off but it was hard work trying to get heat into bald RS4's.
Have you finally wore that RS4s out Bruce or do you still think they have a track day or two in them? haha

Very true Mike and at this point, what kind of options are there for 13" tires? I can remember when upgrading to 15's/16's was a thing.
Almost 70f here today, sunny and perfect. Time for a lil ride and then...

Sadly, today is the day for my MX to get put away for the season. :(

She's freshly washed and waxed and today I'll be taking her for a fill-up, adding fuel stabilizer and then changing the oil at home before tucking her into bed in the garage.

Tomorrow the temps drop out, supposed to be more than 20f degrees cooler than today with more of the same for the remainder of the week and beyond.