What did you do to your Mazda2 today?

Finally got around to lowering the damn thing on the Ksports I've owned for like a year and a half.
Fitted an air leaker vacuum thingamajig. Dropped my fuel consumption by a satisfying amount. Also fitted two of those triangular things �� Photo Sep 05, 5 37 30 PM.jpg
Ordered a few goodies for the 2 due to some Labour Day sales.

From DDMWorks, I ordered the shifter bushings and rear sway (10% off sale).
From XenonHIDs, I ordered an H4 LED headlight conversion kit (50% off sale).

Also working on an order for eyelids and aftermarket fogs from The Speedline pending a few outstanding questions about the fog kit.
Got myself an AutoExe Front Tower Strut for cheap from Japan. The paint is rather bad, so I decided to paint it black and go full stealth. Have only painted it half and will continue tomorrow instead

Photo Sep 27, 7 25 01 PM.jpg
Put mine up for sale today. It's planned replacement is an outback xt.
Bummer, but the OBXT is a good choice. I forbade myself from getting another Subaru as my daily...way too easy to start throwing parts on one from my wrx-and-a-half i have sitting in the garage.

New shift knob...
Carbon fiber insert for rear badge...
Both look good. The shift knob reminds me a little of Jurassic Park. :)
Got my DDMWorks rear sway bar installed. Very impressed with the quality of the part, can't wait to try it out once the roads dry off.

Also, I'm getting 35% tint installed as we speak. ��
Swapped my plugs... last weekend? Also new belt, 136k km on both.

That reminds me of a question. The tensioner is the lowest pulley, closest to the firewall right? IIRC there's a brake line between it and the frame rail that makes it tough to get a wrench on the bolt in the middle of that pulley. Any trick to it, or do I just need to get a thin-profile, long wrench?
You can nudge the hardline out of the way a bit, and wiggle a ratchet in there. With my propensity of breaking things, I ended up buying a serpentine belt tool (really just needed the long, thing handle, regular socket fit fine).
Really impressed so far. I have them at the lowest setting, and the ride is only slightly harsher than OEM shocks/struts and Eibach Pro-Kit springs.

If you use a wrench and ratchet, install is a breeze. Highly recommend a good torque wrench, and probably a breaker bar if some of the bolts haven’t moved in a while.

I replaced everything except the rear plastic spring seats. I went with KYB rear bump stops (cut the bottom section off) and Monroe rear mounts, everything in the front I went OEM.

How do you like them so far? How was the install and did you replace any other OE suspension pieces like top hats? Thanks!