VICS/VTCS Solenoid Replacements


Yes, you have the correct part. :)
See the green and white connectors right below the red strut tower bar? Kinda center-passenger side?

The white one is the solenoid that controls the secondary intake shutter valve. It's also called an EGR vacuum solenoid. The green one is the exact same solenoid, but it controls something else. Same part tho, if you're in the junkyard searching around either one will work. ;)

If you want a new one, they're semi cheap and you can replace it yourself in 5 min with no tools.

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sooo to answer my question, there's two of them? one of each?
Whats the difference? They look like the same thing

Yes same thing.
There is one that is a VICS sol
There is one that is a VTCS sol
Making for a total of 2


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To stay on topic without hijacking the thread, does Mazda use the same style of solenoid for the PRC?
Do y'all know if it's good to replace both or of one the solenoids? I've been having a P1569 code, which seems to be from the VTCS, come and go sincee I bought my car a couple months ago and it recently started having a random msifire which I'm guessing is being caused by the VTCS error. Tryna make sure to not be constantly replacing things since i'm already gonna be there.
I had the same code but it was a hard fault (would set every time I cleared the codes) I swapped the two solenoids around electrically ( same plug as those two and the fuel pressure up solenoid are the same) and it swapped the code over to the other one. I had a code for the regulator as well so I ordered all three. you can google about testing them, there are a few videos on youtube about diagnosing them. IIRC I paid less than 20usd on amazon each.
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IMO- When one goes bad I buy two cheap ones but only replace the one bad one.
They are easy to replace but seem random on how long they last.
No sense in replacing a good part.
But now I have a spare on hand when/if I need to replace another one.