VersaTuner 1.12.0 Released

VersaTuner - tuning software for Mazdas


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2006 Mazdaspeed6, 2011 Mazdaspeed3, 2016 MX-5 Club BBS/Brembo
Lots of cool stuff in this release!

The update includes these changes:

General changes

  • Support for importing and flashing encrypted and locked tunes from authorized e-tuners
  • Preferred measurement units can now be individually customized both in the Tune Editor and in the Dashboard
  • All fuel-related tables can now be displayed in either AFR or lambda units
  • Improved usability when using the Tune Editor with the keyboard
  • Improved performance when launching the app and working with tunes and logs
  • It is now possible to search for tunes in "My tunes"
  • It is now possible to import .vtlog format logs into the local database
  • VersaTuner data folder can be quickly opened from the Settings screen for easy backup or migration to a different PC

Mazda 3/6/CX-5 SkyActiv Diesel

New tunes:
  • Base tune v1.06 with smooth boost and significantly improved power/torque
  • Special tune to upgrade from 150 hp to 175 hp
New tables:
  • Tables that are different between 150 hp and 175 hp factory tunes
  • Exhaust Pressure Limit constants
  • Requested Boost Limit tables
  • Injection Timing tables
  • EGT Limit 1 and EGT Limit 2 tables
  • Boost Limit BAT tables
  • Added additional parameters to the General Performance logging preset
  • Corrected scaling of exhaust gas temperature logging parameters
  • Fixed Bluetooth logging issues

Mazda 3/6 MPS, Mazdaspeed 3/6 and Mazda CX-7

  • Manifold absolute pressure dashboard parameter can now be customized by selecting the installed MAP sensor or entering custom calibration
  • Boost pressure is now accurately displayed for aftermarket MAP sensors
  • Added support for CorkSport 3.5 bar MAP sensor
  • New logging parameters Catalyst Temperature and Fan Duty Cycle

Mazda RX-8

  • Added new logging parameters Fan 1 and 2 Status and Fan 3 Status
  • Actual Air Fuel Ratio can be logged in AFR units
  • Corrected axis label for Oil Injection - Throttle 1 and 2
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