VersaTuner 1.11.0 Released

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VersaTuner 1.11.0 has been released today. Check your email inboxes (and spam folders) for the download link.
Here is a detailed overview of the new features:

New Platforms Supported by VersaTuner
2012- Mazda CX-5 2.2l SKYACTIV-D diesel
2013- Mazda 3 2.2l SKYACTIV-D diesel
2013- Mazda 6 2.2l SKYACTIV-D diesel


All Platforms
Major tune editor improvements
  • Automated translation of table descriptions to more than 110 languages using the industry’s best Google Translate engine
  • Improved performance, vastly reduced CPU usage
  • Visualization and table information parts are now separate dockable panes. You can freely dock them around, move to another monitor or hide altogether. Be in control of your screen estate!
  • Possibility to copy table descriptions to clipboard
  • Table axis headers are now locked in place while you scroll the table, making it easier to see what you are editing
  • Familiar keyboard shortcuts for efficient table editing (hover the mouse over the toolbar to see them)



DTC related improvements
  • Updated the descriptions of DTCs to include more than 4000 standard and 1400 Mazda specific DTCs
  • Progress is shown for DTC read and clear operations, allowing you to see the module currently being contacted
  • Improved performance of DTC clearing and reading
Other fixes and improvements
  • Improved load times and performance
  • Improved compatibility with lower quality J2534 cables
  • Log filenames are now saved using the 24h format
  • Log graphs are properly displayed even when zooming right after loading
  • Decimal values can be entered when configuring PID alerts

Mazda 3/6 MPS, Mazdaspeed 3/6 and Mazda CX-7
New group of tables: Absolute rev limit tables - allows rev limits greater than 8000.
New group of tables: Shift related load reduction tables - allows full disable or granular control of shift related load reduction. This is used to eliminate shift stutter and allow high load launches at high rpm. Without this, high rpm/high load launches are interpreted by the ECU as a shift event and load reduction is applied resulting in a big stutter at launch.
New table: MAF voltage range limit - allows running at full power with MAF volts greater than 4.9V. This is for use with meth injection or other auxiliary fueling where exact DI fuel metering is not necessary. Warning: MAF accuracy is very poor above 4.9V.
New table: Limp mode load limit - allows more power when operating in limp mode.

Mazda RX-8
Added new fan relay control tables - proper fan control is now possible.
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