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Turn Signal Not Working

My left turn signal doesn't work anymore, no flashing or sound, but the right signal works. It used to work sometimes, like I could just keep turning it on and off until it worked or it would start working again after it automatically turns off after turning. As of right now it straight up doesn't work but it seems like lowering the height of my steering wheel will make it work for a little bit.


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
I'm willing to bet that your signal stalk is simply worn out.
It's 20 years old.

I think that you should get a new signal stalk like I did.
I now have adjustable intermittent timing for my front wipers.

Screenshot_20210814-212139_Samsung Internet.jpg

I think that my new wiper stalk came from a Ford Escape 🤔 ...

There's a thread about it (I don't remember where it is).

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