Transmission Torque specs and more

Hey…Got a few questions regarding transmission maintenance.
  1. What are the torque spec for the Transmission pan bolts & drain plug?
  2. When measuring old ATF and restoring to that level, am I looking to fill the ATF to the top of the cold dipstick line?
  3. After filling up with ATF, taking a test drive, and checking the dipstick, is the ATF suppose to read inbetween the low/top lines of the hot end (60c) of the dipstick?


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
This is the information for the 2002 Mazda Protege and Protege5. (I own a Protege5)

I assume that your transmission is the same ?



I don't think that the digital thermometer and probe is necessary, but the big thing is to make sure your engine is idling when you check your dipstick.

Doing a simple oil level check cold and hot is probably sufficient.


Here is a link to the full service manual for the 2002 Mazda Protege...



The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
I have a manual transmission.
I use synchromesh oil.

I don't know how your transmission compares to the 2002-2003 Protégé5, but with the P5, guys had problems with their automatic transmissions after doing a tranny oil change if the oil had never been changed before.

We learned to reuse the old oil.

If the old oil came looking and smelling burnt, then we reused it.

We would pour it through filters, (even coffee filters) to get out the debris.

It turned out that transmission adjusted to the old oil and operated like crap with new oil.
(unless the oil had been changed regularly.)

My advice is to save the old oil if you still have it, and it smells burnt.

And maybe reuse it.

If new oil is already in the transmission, then just run it and see what happens.

As far as I remember, (my memory is foggy.)
The transmissions would fail to shift gears, and the engine would rev up.

BUT, the transmissions do have the capacity to re-learn how to use the new oil, and it may get better over time.

(Some guys cars were pretty much undriveable though)


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
Other guys changed out their ATF a liter or a two at a time.

They would drain out 1-2 liters and put in 1-2 liters of new ATF and run it for a while for the transmission to adjust.

Then do it again multiple times.

The ATF never gets completely changed, but the transmission operates properly.
What I do know is the 99-03 proteges are the same. Not sure about 02-03 P5 but that information you gave is very good to know and look out for.
Mine does have that more burnt/darker smell/colour indicating a change is in favor.
I wasnt going to flush it, so there will still be some fluid in the torque converter.
I suppose keeping the old and draining the new if it doesnt work out in the right way.
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The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
What I do know is the 99-03 proteges are the same. Not sure about 02-03 P5..

This is the service manual download. The 2002 Protégé and Protégé5 are pretty much the same car except for the hatchback on the P5.


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