Traction, Blinking tpms and ce light on (2015 CX-5)

Hi All,

Recently my CX5 car is having CEL, TCS and blinking TPMS. Only CEL remains once you restarted the car. Just wondering is it normal if the TPMS light is blinking when ignition is on (without starting the car engine).

Send my car to SC to diagnose the problem and found P2127 error code. Initially mechanic suspect the malfunction of pedal switch and changed it, but i didnt solve the problem. Check the sensor has no problem detected.

Anyone has similar experience before? feel free to share with me on how your guy overcome it. Thanks.


Under Pressure
2021 CE Turbo
Please feel free to share details of your CX, like the year, miles/kms, trim level, engine, transmission, where you live, etc. When was the battery last replaced? CX5 is 2.5L year 2015, current mileage is around 50k. I Live in Malaysia. Battery replacement just done last year August.