Tracking My Mazda 6 For the Second Time!


ABC Garage
2015 Mazda6 Sport
Brought the Mazda 6 to the Streets of Willow track for a second time! It was EXTREMELY hot (100-110 degrees the whole day) and my driving was very unconfident so I couldn’t get the goal time I wanted. Originally I wanted to get a 1:39, but I ended the last session with a 1:45 which is only a second off my previous best time from last year. Can’t say I wasn’t disappointed, but I learned a lot and drove back in the same car I came with so that’s good!

My Setup:

-Godspeed Mono SS Coilovers (full stiff in all four corners)
-Godspeed Rear Camber Arms (-2.1f, -1.8r, 0 toe)
-Corksport Front Strut Tower Bar
-Corksport Rear Sway Bar

-Genesis Wheels 18x8 +25 front | 18x7.5 +28 rear
-Toyo Proxes 4s All Seasons 255 front 235 rear

What I Have to Improve:
-Braking: I need to brake harder so I’m on the brake for less time and I can stay on acceleration more
-Driving lines: I get sloppy once I get in the mindset of putting down fast times so I end up missing the lines or following them sloppily
-Confidence: My driving confidence has gone down for sure because it’s been so long since I drove at that capacity. The new setup also made the car drive a lot more sensitively (I did end up spinning out in the last session)! I need to work on having confidence in my driving and in the car’s capabilities.

To end this long writeup, the Mazda 6 has a lot of potential in HPDE’s. It’s not a fast car, but it does handle extremely well. With a tune, better driving and better tires this car can definitely put down a 1:35-1:38. My next event with the Mazda 6 will probably be Buttonwillow which is a longer and higher speed track which should be interesting!