2016~2022 Tire Chain / Tire Cable / Snow Chain

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Purchased a set of SZ441 on Amazon.
My current setup 20x9.5+25 255/50/20

I really wouldn't recommend putting on stock wheels due to how close the chain will be to the bump stop/strut assembly.
Also the clearance to the wheel well liner is extremely close at full lock. I can barely squeeze my pinky in between.


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2016 CX-9 GT
Wow! Glad I shouldn’t need them in Texas. I guess we’ll take the 4Runner on road trips during the winter. That’s very close to all the components in the wheel well
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That is the listed size from Peerless. https://peerlesschain.com/tire-chain-finder
Peerless Super Z-6 size SZ441. That doesn't mean it will specifically fit the CX9 as Wabbit cautions.

I got a set of the LaClede AlphaTrax devices. They hug the tire very close and are thin. I think they will work well in the unlikely event that I need chains or traction devices. As with all the devices that are not steel, don't drive on pavement with them. And as always, practice putting them on, taking them off, and stowing them away in your dry, well lighted driveway. You don't want to learn how they go on in the dark, cold, deep slush on the winter roadside. The 735AT size fits both the stock tires and my slightly different snow tires. I've been a couple of places where chains or traction devices are required even with AWD and snow tires--like the steep road down from Powder Mountain ski area on a really slick day.
The chart on Amazon shows sz441 to be the correct size for my tires.

Understood. But this is how it's supposed to look like inside. Your chains look pretty large and loose, just saying. Picture shown is Tunig XG-Pro 12 size 247 for 225/55/R19 tire on CX-5

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Perhaps after driving for a little bit, they'll self adjust? I only rolled back and forth and lock to lock to see if there would be any clearance issue.
Well, your chain looks too close to inner suspension parts to be comfortable. But I'm only looking at your photos, can't say for sure.
2016 CX-9 GS-L
On my 2016's manual, it actually advises against using chains on 20s.

I think OP's aftermarket wheels' specs may have made it worse too.

I actually just practiced mine, also Peerless brand.
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Thank you for quoting the owners manual regarding 20s + chains. I just checked 255/50/20 = 255/60/18 = sz441 so they fit exactly the same.

I think the reason of the recommendation is liability. 18s have more sidewall so significantly less chance of damaging the wheel (not body) if you look at acmra's picture vs mine.
Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
How will the SZ441 cables clear when a bump is hit and the tire rises on the suspension? Try jacking the suspension, not the body, to raise the tire, put the chains on and take a look. Try bouncing on the body, if safe, to see how it fits. Try it at full left and full right lock, if safe.

Can the cables be pulled across the tire so the blue cable on the inside has less slack and the cable on the outside has more slack? I'm not sure the tensioner on acmra's photo is as tight as I'd like to see it--maybe twist it into a figure-8 before clipping it on to the circumferential cable or find a smaller tensioner? The whole thing looks too big to me, but this size is probably the closest in Peerless' catalog, so it gets the listing. Your aftermarket wheels are wider but farther out from the suspension, so you gain just over a half inch of side clearance. The 255/60-18 tires are a bit smaller than the 255/50-20...10.2" section width and 30" O.D. vs. 10.4" & 30.1" for one tire I just looked up, so I wonder if the 18" recommendation is to reduce the chance of the chains scratching the wheel?

Anyway, those cables on this car seems kind'a sketchy and may get expensive. I'd reconsider.
The 255/60-18 tires are a bit smaller than the 255/50-20...10.2" section width and 30" O.D. vs. 10.4" & 30.1" for one tire I just looked up, so I wonder if the 18" recommendation is to reduce the chance of the chains scratching the wheel?

Anyway, those cables on this car seems kind'a sketchy and may get expensive. I'd reconsider.

The two tires have exactly the same width and circumference(diameter). The difference is the sidewall width, 5" and 6". The chains aren't going to rub inside of the wheels, other factors remain the same.

I'm trying to find a set of inexpensive chains for 2019 CX-5 Sig. just in case I need them. Unless I opt on very expensive ones, I might just carry single use sox or zip-ties. In the past I've always carried snow chains of different kinds on many different vehicles, only used just once. Never used the all the rest. Currently I have a Thule chains for 2015 MDX SH-AWD, not even used once.
Pueblo county CO
CX-5 Sport 16.5 6M
I read a bunch of reviews on Amazon about those zip ties. Mostly negative, but a few people that liked them. One guy just put one on each wheel(instead of the full set) and got unstuck. He didn't care that it broke later.

The thing I hate about chains is the installation, plus what might happen if they got loose and wrapped around the axle.