Suggested work to be done while engine is out?

I am taking my 2.3 disi engine out of my CX-7 this weekend (hopefully) to be put into an MX-5.

While it's out though I intend on doing work to it to extend its lifespan and hopefully not have to take it back out for many years to come.

I have a 2007 model and have read that the timing chain from factory back then had minor defects in it and Mazda had a recall on them, from my service history I can't see this been done so one of the first things is a new timing chain.

Normally when doing a chain it's recommended to do some other stuff like the rollers and tensioners is the vvt adjuster a good idea?

There also seems to be a bit of oil residue on the inlet to the turbo so I was going to clean the turbo and possibly recondition it depending on how bad it is in there.

I did read somewhere a while ago to the cause of the oil but can't remember where and what it was now.

What else while it's out should I do?
2021 CX-5T AWD CE
Pretty hard to answer this without knowing mileage on engine. And maybe just me, but I don’t have the slightest idea what a “disi” engine is.

- Mark
Mileage is just under 100k and yes, Disi is the petrol version of the cx-7. It's Mazda's 2.3 petrol direct injection spark ignition that they use in the Mazda performance series 3, 6 and cx-7, it's Mazda's special (official) name for it.

I know in the UK it was this 2.3 and the diesel version but not sure if they released it else where in any other configuration thus why I specified the name.

It starts fine, no ECU warnings or dash lights (I only drove it 100 miles total) as it was always intended as a donor car so very limited experience with it, the clutch was going on it too so couldn't actually drive it too far.

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