Stereo Wiring Diagram/Pin Outs and Stereo Removal Instructions for the CX-5


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I have non-bose 6 speaker setup. Are the front speakers component with the woofer in the door and tweeter on the dash? Or is it wired so that you can have full range speakers in both locations (front door + dash)?

Looking at the diagram, seems that it's a component... which leaves me wondering how to upgrade with a pair of 3.5 in the dash and 6.5 in the door? I hope I just don't get the schematic/pinouts cause I was about to order some new speakers. Stock speakers are pretty lame... worst factory sound I've had in a car in a long time.


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I replaced mine with coaxial speakers. Sounds great.

FWIW, the door speakers are wired full range as the sport model doesn't have the dash speakers and used the doors for everything. I hear highs from my doors now with my polks installed.

And now that I have my dash speakers I need to go back and wire in the bass blockers because they are being fed too much bass at high volumes. This would lead me to think that they are full range as well.
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Hello folks,

I have Mazda cx5 2015. I am trying to install the line output converter for amp installation, I am very confused with wiring diagram if anyone could help me locating speakers wires.



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