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I am planning to buy a CX-5 2013 (just released in Mexico). Grand Touring Model (only this model arrived). apparently it is a limited version of the GT USA version, as (for Audio and electronics) no Bose is included (it comes with 5.8in Bluetooth touch screen with 6 speakers - I think the Touring Version of the Audio System)

The official dealer told me that there are two upgrade possible on the radio system:
Navigator only option: 17,000MXN pesos (approx 1330USD)
Navigator + the option to play DVDs: 20,000MXN pesos (approx 1572USD)

I didn't know that you couldn't play DVDs on the stock 5.8in touch HU. Do you have more information regarding this? why these two different options? Are different 5.5in touch HU released depending on the model?

On the other side, according the two options they managed I am dediding on upgrade to the Navigator by buying it from USA or Europe

The Europe model for Navigator is KD51-79-EZXA (616Eur)
The USA model for Navigator Kit is KD37 79 EZX (
The Mexican model for Navigator Kit is KF69 79 EZX

I consulted the instructions manual for installing the USA/Mexican and it only appears that you should connect the box belowto the steering wheel.

I consulted the instructions manual for installing the european version and you should connect both the GPS antenna over the dashboard and the USB/SD Navigator Box below the steering wheel

Why European version doesn't come with GPS antenna and the American version (USA/MEX) does?

Is there any hardware limitation (apart of the price) of buying the european version or the mexican version for a Mexican car? or only will be the maps? (i was thinking on the limitation of entering addresses while moving on the American version that the European one doesn't have)

The Mexican version is slightly higher in price than the USA version. Which are the differences?
I thought that for the USA version you have USA/CAN/MEX maps integrated, isn't it?

Which one do you recommend to me for buying?

Many thanks in advance and sorry for the loooong post (and obviously ... sorry for my bad english)


Can anyone confirm if the navigator as accesory (any model pointed on the post before) is the same as the one that comes with the navigation option onnthe officisl dealers?
Thank you
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I installed the nav option in the US on a GT and it is the same as the nav in the factory teck package. Caution on using the eruope nav version as it is different for traffic and you will have to buy different maps...

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