Steering vibrations in 2023 CX-9

My new CX-9 just logged 400 miles, all of it on internal suburb roads at 30-45 mph. Today took it to free way and felt minor steering vibrations between 60-70 mph. Nothing crazy but definite irritant.The road was smooth and did not get any weird sounds/vibrations from engine. I have been driving 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander and that’s my reference point.
Wondering if I should wait for first service or call dealer immediately. Also the dealer we bought from is 50 miles away, can I bring it to any nearby dealer?


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We bought ours from a dealer over two hours away and take it to our local dealer 10 minutes away for service. You can take your vehicle to any dealer for service/warranty work regardless of where you bought it.. I'd take it in right away and not wait for first service. Could be a simple issue like a missing wheel balance weight.
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Good luck! I had an issue like your describing, if you search on here I think someone finally figured it out. My local dealer was a PITA when I tried taking it there when I didn't buy it from them, hoping your local dealership is better!

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