SoCal All Rotary Meet / SoCal A.R.M

RX8 LM20

2011 RX8 GT MT LM20
SoCal All Rotary Meet – A Monthly Meet & Greet!
Who’s Invited: Any RX Car, Truck, or Bike! (Anyone Interested in Learning About RE’s are always welcome)
Where: Cerritos Town Center, 12731 Town Center Drive, Cerritos, CA 90703. (Near TGIF)
When: First Saturday of Every Month from 1-4PM or till whenever!

Dates for 2014:
04 JAN / 01 FEB / 01 MAR / 05 APR / 03 MAY / 07 JUN
05 JUL / 02 AUG / 06 SEP / 04 OCT / 01 NOV / 06 DEC

No Drama
No Burn Outs
No Irresponsible Acts
No Illegal Substances
That would attract the Five O’s Attention!
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2014 Nissan GTR
I was in the Bay Area celebrating Chinese New Year but I heard it was a great turnout! Wish I could have came!

RX8 LM20

2011 RX8 GT MT LM20
Attention, Attention! This meet's time has been changed.

Meet Starts at 5PM.

Just in time to see your good looking rides shine in the daylight and see how it glows in the night.

Also gives us a good time to grab dinner at the local establishments!

Lets make next month EPIC and come out and represent!

Push, pull, tow or trailer your rotary.

Just bring it!