Slow6's Build Thread (FOR SALE)


2006 mazdaspeed 6.

JBR rear MM
Passenger MM
JBR TIG's and EGR delete
Ported blasted stripped intake manifold
treadstone TR8 intercooler 2.5" piping
HKS ssqv3 BOV
Hallman manual boost controller
nurburgring 18x8 purple wheels
stoptech drilled slotted rotors
SPC ball joints
Autotech FP internals
PTP injector seals and studs
3.5 bar MAP sensor
cobb AP
HKS turbo timer
DEFI boost gauge
Protege garage V2 turbo manifold EWG
dreadnaut rear diff brace
HR coil overs
3" ATP catted exhaust
3" corksport exhaust w/ poly hangars
SURE heavy shift knob
GTX3076R turbo @ 24 psi

thats all I can think of right now Other things are in the mod list below.

I bought the car in 2011 in texas with 50k miles on it. within the first week it was tuned and had a new intake and fun parts. shortly there after I blew the engine, thankfully it was covered by warranty. the engine was replaced @52k miles. I drove the car from texas to CO (home after my training for the military) while in CO the fuel rail pressure sensor was fried. another 1000$ later I have a new motor entirely... I head to las vegas on my way to my base and all is well. from vegas I headed to pick up my new wife in fresno ca, then we went down to disneyland and back up to north of sacramento. at the time I had about 61k miles on the car. after daily driving it for about 6 months, Lowering the car and adding a FMIC,I realized my turbo had blown a seal. with a stock brand new K04 was 1000$ and I found my GTX3076r for 1300 clearly I am going to upgrade. I ended up coming into a sum of money which helped me complete the build. I added all the parts with nothing but a craftsman 154 piece tool set a 5 ton jack and 2 jack stands in the street outside of my apartment.

from there I drove the car a little and started to get really high coolant temps. (coolant bubble in the bottom end of the motor) ordered a new Tstat and a plethora of other parts came back from vacation started the car up all the parts ended up not being used. I went through 2 sets of wheels till I found the TSW nurburgring wheels. I tried to plastidip them but they just weren't right. so about 6 months later and alot of highway driving to and from fresno (4 or 5 trips) I decided it was time for new tires. and while the tires were off i blasted and powder coated the wheels (IN MY APARTMENT). a few months later we found out we were having a baby and needed to get a new car. we Refinanced the mazda and used the equity on a down payment for my wifes car (2010 jetta TDI) from there being on e3 military pay living in a very expensive state the mazda was parked. After a deployment I had gotten in my car and wanted to go for a very long drive, coming home to find out my springs had set and blown my struts. It was time for coil overs. I drive the car about once a week to keep it running and change the oil every 6-8 months no matter the mileage.

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