2016~2023 Sirius XM Tuner Not Connecting

I have a 2019 CX-9 GT with a bit over 16K miles on it here in the US. I'm retired and don't drive it every day but in the past month or so I've increasingly had problems with the Sirius XM tuner connecting with the infotainment system.

I will get "Connecting to Sirius XM Radio" and a little spinning circle for a minute or two followed by "Unable to Connect to SiriusXM Radio". Doing the manual reboot or stopping and restarting the car doesn't fix the problem. But I can go back out an hour or a day later and it will work fine. This is not the same as the occasional failure of the system to recognize by subscription and having to have SiriusXM send a refresh code.

I noted searching the forum this problem was noted on the CX-5 Forum in 2019 through 2020 but it didn't look like there was a clear resolution skimming through 11 pages. Is anyone else with a Gen 2 CX-9 experiencing this problem? Thanks.