Second gen front sway bar interchangability


too numerous to name...
Long story short - I've upgraded my rear sway bar and a few other things, and think I could use a mild boost upwards on the front. So...

It seems established that the swaybars for the first-gen 3/MS3/5 can be interchanged. What I've been unsuccessful at is finding information on the second gen 5. The bushings and brackets seem different than the first-gen 5, and what little I can see online shows me a different shape for the first and second gen stock FSB.

I gather that the second gen 3 FSB is not interchangable with the first gen, due to a relocation of the mount points. Bars that have slideable collars seem to be able to fit both generations of the 3, but ones with fixed collars (like the MS3 bars) do not. I guess what I'm coming to is...

Has anyone actually put a *MS3* front sway on a *2012-2015* MZ5, and if so, which generation did it come from and how did it go? The slideable collar bars that I'm fairly sure will fit are all too thick, I think. If the MZ5 mount points weren't moved for the second generation, then I'd think a first gen MS3 front sway would be the way to go (same as the rear).

I've done a lot of searching and I can't get this pinned down anywhere.