RX-9 Waiting On Supra



Is Mazda waiting (stalling) until Toyota finally sets its Supra free before unleashing the RX-9 onto the world? I've been seeing and reading about the RX-9 for years now and yet, nothing. Zip. Zero. Nadia Comaneci.

Out where I live, I see the C7 Corvette every blue moon on the road. Mostly blowing past me in my CX-9. I've got no problem with that because that's the way the world turns. C7s are supposed to blow past CX-9s. I get it. And, I keep reading about the imminent threat and great bodily joy of the much anticipated C8 Corvette. Since I had a nightmare on elm street experience with General Motors back in 2000, with its Flopshop (sorry) Flagship C5 Corvette, I walked away from GM in both mind and body vowing to never return. The problem? I'm starting to get the itch again. That need for the kind of maneuverability which can only be found in something slung very low to the ground and with a very low coefficient of drag number. I think I might be entering a new speed phase. It has been a while, so the timing might just be right. However, want to do something different this time. Viper and Vette, been there done that - don't want to go back.

That's why I ask this question. I've been wondering whether or not the RX-9 will be flat out beyond the reach of the new Supra, or whether it would target the kind of performance found in the very well respected Nissan GTR, which I have personally witnessed embarrass a Bugatti Veyron up to about a 1/4 worth of track. That GTR is no joke. Of course, the Veyron, ate its lunch in the long haul to top speed, but that's what the Veyron was designed to be - a Top Speed Gorilla.

I've never been a Supra fandude. Its never been a vehicle that has ever appealed to me for some reason. I don't know what it is or why that's the case - but the Supra, has always reminded me of the ultimate Tuners wet dream and something that quite frankly looked rather comical. Yes, I understand the claims about 0.000000000003 second Supras out there in the wild somewhere. But, much like the famed Unicorn, I've never met one at the track that did not blow more than a fuse after a few pulls in the quarter. Not saying you would not find some good and well tuned Supras back in the day when it "ruled the earth," just saying that it never really appealed to me.

The RX-9 concept does appeal to me, but if its got nothing more than Acura NSX performance, I might not be that interested after all. Looking for something different, but not at all interesting in spending just for spending sake. The 812 SuperFast is lovely, but its a Ferrari and there nothing different about that. The RX-9 would be different. And, of Mazda ever decided to make a street legal version of the LM55, that would qualify as Very Different and be very much appreciated.

I've heard talk of an improved RX-8 being the foundation for the RX-9. If that's the case, I'm not interested because it wont provide the kind of performance sought. If Nissan can get such an amazing level of performance out of the GTR, then I would think that Mazda could get an equally amazing array of capabilities out of its new RX-9 - making the Supra essentially moot.
2014 Mazda3 S GT auto, 2008 MX5 6-speed
I think the difference is that Nissan has more money to blow on a slow-selling flagship than does Mazda. When I was in the Philippines, I saw two Mazdas that are not imported into the US - the truck and the 6 wagon. Those vehicles would probably not sell well here, just as the RX9 wouldn't either, at least for year after year. Last month I drove a McLaren 570S and Ferrari 488 GTB in Las Vegas. I think the McLaren is a better deal at $200,000 vs. $330,000 for the Ferrari. The McLaren weighs less than 2900 lbs and has 570 HP. If Mazda can match that, they may be able to ask for more than 6 figures but again, the bottom line is whether this car would turn a profit.