RUMOUR: New CX-9 (possibly CX-90) destined for release in 2024

North of Toronto
2019 CX-9 Sig
Yup, and Edge, Murano or Passport would suit me ok if the first 2 could handle or the third had a decent interior.

Now, not to overthink, but since the CX90 is moving a bit upmarket, maybe the CX70 sits just above these 3 vehicles mentioned? I would pay a few grand over their topline price to get a bit more premium.

Ideally for me, a pinch smaller than the current CX9 and I'll just deal with the relatively problematic cargo capacity. For me, it's rare to haul that much. I'm vain, so give me the steep tailgate look, over the occasional maxed out IKEA run. Heck, I can drive to IKEA twice if I need.