Rewired Fogs to run without headlights on

Well I decided to figure out how to do this mod myself since nobody seems to be answering. Actually it was quite simple. On page 14 where you are supposed to connect the Red/Blue wire to the Red/Blue wire on the 40 Pin connector, you should actually connect it to the Black/Yellow wire on the 6 pin connector Pin #4-A. This is a switched power supply. You can now turn on the Fogs (with the ignition on) independent of the Lows. For those of you who rather have it connected to a constant power supply so the fogs can be turned on with the ignition off, Just connect to the Red/Blue Wire on the 16 pin Connector Pin #5-D. I have attached the instructions on how to locate and both wires.
@2011CX9 Hello Friend, I need your great help to get my 2011 cx9 to have independent fog lights, following what you say here, I don't have something very clear, my cx9 is the GRAN TOURING it already comes with a factory fog light, but look inside the BCM There are 2 cables, one BLACK/YELLOW and the other RED/BLUE. My question is, should I join these two cables? and with that I already get independent foggers? or each cable is connected to another place?


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If anyone is interested in a simple way (based on your wiring skills of course) to do this here goes:

(May have to have heated seats for this..)

On small (4 relay) box in very front of engine compartment above fans.
Open top of box, detach from front, and remove bottom cover. Of the four relays, the two SMALLER ones are: fogs (right one viewed from front) and heated seats (2nd from left viewed from front). The pink wire on the SEAT relay provides ignition power (what you want) the green w/red wire on the Fogs relay provides switched power from the headlight relay ( Hate that!). I cut the green wire far enough back that I could splice into the pink wire. Be sure to insulate the left over stub from the green wire. Now the fog relay is "hot" when ignition is on instead of when headlights are on. Done.

(If you don't have the pink wire due to no heated seats..all you need to do is get and ignition source wire to this relay instead)

Now your fogs will come on with ignition and still function on/off from the stock switch (which provides the relay ground thus eliminating the need for an add-on switch)


@AZ-CX9 If I don't have a pink wire in the fuse box, what other wire and what color can I get the line from? Is there another wire I can use instead of the pink heated seat wire?