2007~2015 Replacing GPS/Radio/Camera Unit, 2008 CX-9 (GT trim)


Hi folks...I bought this car used, knowing the GPS unit was defective (radio works fine, but it won't display 'menu' so the clock's not right, I can't turn off button beeping sound, etc)

So I can pick up a used Mazda oem unit pretty cheap, and Best Buy said they'd install it.

Here's my specifics: last eight of vin: 80140857. The donor unit vin is 80134952

Per Mazda dealer, my part # is TDY066DVX, and the seller has part # TD1466DV0A, which he says in interchangeable.

The seller offers an unconditional 30-day full refund guarantee, so the risk is low.

Any thoughts? Will it work?