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My CPO 2016.5 Sport came with these Geotour tires on them. I can’t find any info about them online but the car is becoming unbearably loud on the highway. Is this tire noise or is a high level of road noise just something I should get used to? I’m trying to figure out if a new set of tires (and maybe an upgrade to 19s) is worthwhile.
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If noise is top priority for you, check out which tire is the best on
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I have a 16.5 sport with 18" Yokohama Geolanders, about 42k mi.

They are getting a little noisy but very even treadwear and adequate for summer.

I think most tires get noisy as they age.
They rate tires by noise level in Europe but not here.

Different people have different experience with some tires. It might be because of local road and weather conditions.

Where do you drive and what kind of use, etc?


If you are looking for a set of quiet all-season tires, you might want to check the Toyo Open Country QT tires. I recently bought a set and I swear they are not loud like the previous tires I had on my CX-9.
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2017 Mazda CX-5 GT, 2016 Mazda6 iGT, 2014 Mazda3 sGT hatchback
In general, thread block design is a multi-objective tradeoff problem. If you want a quiet tire, look for smaller tread blocks with variable dimensions of tread blocks (cancelling out harmonics). Big tread blocks are good for dry traction, but tend to create noises. On, you can do a lot of research to get your ideal choice (price, UTQ indices, tradeoffs... etc.) Then, you can go to discount tires to ask for matching the price online... that is what I do usually.

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