Replacement key fob/shell for a 2012 Mazda3

2012 Mazda3 GS-SKY
I managed to damage the key fob plastic while opening it to replace the battery.

The price that the dealership wants for a replacement is unconscionable, so I decided to order a shell from ebay and just replace the electronics.
To make a long story short, even though the item page says it is compatible with a 2012 Mazda 3 SkyActiv, the circuit board does not fit. I assume it is meant for a slightly different model that looks very similar on the outside.

So, question #1: does anyone know where can I find a fob shell that is guaranteed compatible with my key (part number BBM4-67-5RY)?

Alternatively, where can I get an aftermarket fob that I can reprogram to work with the car (and the other fob that I have). Should be 315MHz I believe.

Thank you!

Also, if anyone needs a shell for a fob with FCC ID: KPU41788, I have a spare.


I found this. Hopefully it helps. The website quoted seems to be gone, but don't let the dealer rip you off.

The internet said:
You have to have 2 programmed keys

to self program a 3rd Fob.

However, "cheaper" methods exist than using a dealer.

Buy a FOB on ebay- an easy $70 saved. Make sure the key is uncut so you don't have to also buy a replacement key.

A locksmith will be cheaper than the dealer. Explain what you need specifically so he doesn't charge you for his service should he not be able to program and cut the key- let him know you only have the one key.

Here are the part #'s I was given by (I haven't found better prices anywhere....!)

Switchblade Key- G2YA762GXB (53.64) includes the head
Transmitter-BBM4-67-5RY (151.70) (Base)
Standard Key w/Chip – F1Y1-76-2GX (48.23)

My remote #FCC# BGBX1T478SKE12501
IC: 662F-SKE12501
Model ID: SKE125-01
Battery#: Panasonic CR1620 3 Volts

After trying to unsuccessfully program the key for a 4th FOB I called the dealer and he informed me that 3 FOBS were the most that can be stored in memory to start the car. (I was able to self program a 4th FOB to lock and unlock the doors, but not start the car....).

So, since the dealers are less than truthful about the ability to selfprogram a FOB, I am going to do more searches on the web before I throw in the towel on programming a key for a 4th FOB......but I think there is a consensus here that a locksmith will be cheaper..........