Replace LED in spoiler brake light?


'01 Pro ES
A couple of the LEDs in the Protege ES spoiler tail light are out and I'd like to replace them instead of replacing the entire unit (~$180 from Mazda--usurious!).

Has anybody tried replacing an LCD in the tail light? If not, I'll have to try it out and post results. The tail light is easy to take off, but I'm not sure it'll be easy to crack open and reseal.


2014 Genesis Coupe R-Spec
my dealer had a numbe for a dude that came in a car to your house, trunk full of tail lights, and found one that fit

i paid 15 bucks total for a new one


i just bought a set of HIDs recently and was thinking if i can install them on for brake lights also. seems funny but they can be interesting and very useful at night times