Racing Beat Axle Back Exhaust on a 2023 CX-5 Turbo - Anyone?


23' CX5 Turbo
Hey all, I've searched and can't seem to find anything on this, at least in the last 1-2 years.

I've got a 23' Turbo coming in a few weeks and I wanted to know if anyone has put the RB on their turbo CX5? From what i've read the exhaust was designed for the NA and according to the website, they don't differentiate between model numbers for the exhaust which leads me to believe they didn't develop one specially for the turbo engine.

The few posts i've seen have said its not much louder than stock in almost all conditions so I was wondering if it is worth it over the Cork Sport. Not many threads on guys with turbos and the Cork Sport either honestly. Looking for a little better sound, no drone at low speeds like so many of these systems.

Any help would be appreciated.
RB on "20 signature. is hardly more discernable from stock. there is absolutely no drone at any rpm, load or no load. from the outside it has a deeper sportier sound but it is very quiet, oem+. imo. tbh, when i 1st installed it, i couldn't even tell the difference from stock. it has gotten deeper over time but it is very mild. the build quality is very very high and the tips look way better than the stock tips. i also like that it is one piece. it' is perfect to me.

if you want something louder, i believe corksport, afe takeda, borla touring or s-type(surely) will all be louder.


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Thank you for this reply. Cork Sport def. seems throatier. But this seems like a nice subtle bump in sound. Hmmm, decisions lol.
I agree about the Borla. I had a Borla CBE on my 08' Legacy GT and it super subtle but just right. The issue is I don't think its worth 300$ more than the RBE.

Was the video you posted a cold start?
I agree about the Borla. The issue is I don't think its worth 300$ more than the RBE. Was the video you posted a cold start?
video is not cold start. the cold start is not very offensive and sounds OEM+ as well.

because the RBPP is one piece, it's total cost shipped made it the most expensive for me, but it was worth it. personally, i'd get what you really want, even if it is more expensive. buy once, cry once. the hurt on your wallet is forgotten about fairly quickly.
Highly recommend CS axleback - Def can hear and feel in-cabin above 2k RPM, and definitely throaty sounding.

2019 Cx5 turbo, outside temp, 54 F, w/ CS axleback, CS TIP, CS SRI + heatshield installed.

First vid driving with windows up.

Second vid, idling, driver's window fully down. Enjoy 🤙


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Wondering if I should add the Borla Touring to this mix. Seems like Borla did the same thing in tuning it for the louder N/A engine. Since the turbo quiets this down a bit, the touring might make sense if I can find it cheaper lol.
I think I'll wait until the OEM muffler needs replacement. Not much difference, but not much difference.