quick purge solenoid valve question


2003 mazdaspeed protege
so I purchashed my msp in november noticed last week that on the purge solenoid valve it looks as if there is a hose or something missing. Looked on a p5 protege (msp's arent so common around here) and its got this little plastic cap covering it with what looks like a mitsubshi logo on it. I posted a pic below to show what I'm talking about. Do I need this cap on mine?

97camaroSS e30 318is Spicy #1348
Can a clogged purge charcoal canister cause a purge valve check engine light?

I keep getting the issue of not being able to fill my gas tank, the Auto-gas pump shut off keeps stopping. The only light i get is for purge valve failure. I swapped it for a new one and still have the issue

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