2017~2022 Questions about high beams when engine turns off and auto lock cancel

2021 CX-5 GT-R
I have a couple questions...
2021 CX-5 GTR

First is, can I turn off the feature where the high beams automatically turn on when I turn off the engine? (I want to keep auto high beams enabled)

Second is, what cancels auto door locking? Sometimes it randomly won't auto lock the doors when I walk away.
Related to that, opening the cargo gate before getting out of the car also seems to cancel auto door locking, is there a way to have it auto lock the doors when you close the gate and walk away?

I'm loving this CX-5, but these two things are driving me crazy.
2019 Mazda CX-5 GT Reserve
Sometimes it randomly won't auto lock the doors when I walk away.
I find if I walk away too quickly I can defeat the auto lock which I use & like. If I hesitate a matter of a second or 2 after I close the door upon exiting, auto lock works every time.

FWIW, if you weren't aware there is also a lock button on the outside of the hatch to right of the external license plate light that will lock all the doors once you close the hatch. Just a nice convenience feature some are not aware of.
Have to be next to the car when cargo closes fully then walk away. In essense have to be near the car, all doors/gate closed and then walk.

I think there was a diagram in the manual which shows the areas.