question about z919

Does the Kenwood Z919 have a TV tuner built in? Also, does it have a TV controller built in as well? The Kenwood Z919 manual that i have really doesnt give that much information on this subject. I would really appreciate the all the help in can get.

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Sorry i put this on the wrong post. Although i was for sure that i clicked on the Sound post.

thanks mp3#5


I don't think it does. I have the other one, the Z8 whatever, and it has a TV mode. I am sure this is just an aux input so you can hook the audio from a DVD or TV tuner into your head unit.


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yes, the z919 has a tv control on it... it goes: radio-->cd-->cd changer-->tv-->all off when you hit the "source button".


I thought it had a tv tuner also, but it dosent. My buddy works at a custom audio joint who sells the stereo, and I guess the tuner is a seperate unit that plugs into the Z919. Its kind of a waste of loot though considering tv sucks. I reccomend playstation 2. DVD, and playstation 2 games are the s***. I was actually thinking about that. Oh, by the way this is the TECH forum, not the SOUND forum. see ya guys.