Purchased a 2010 CPO Mazda3 iTR Sedan...


Hello - I just purchased a 2010 Mazda3 i Touring Sedan in Graphite Mica (38R) on November 1st.

It is an odd build - It is a basic no-frills car - 5 speed transmission, cruise, PW, PL etc with the 2.0 I4 Engine.

But, it has the Bose Stereo, Bluetooth (phone and Auido) and Moonroof package. The dealer also added black Katzkin leather seats with heat which is actually very nice and looks OEM except for location of heated seats switch.

It is certified pre-owned so I do have the extended factory warranty. It also has 23K on the odometer, so I have factory warranty till April 2013.

I am really enjoying it. Gets me to work and back and is very affordable on payments and gas, peppy and fun.

We have owned several Mazda6's before but this car definitely feels lighter and nimble. The manual transmission really helps make it more fun.

I just had it tinted 35% all the way around. That helped it a lot looks-wise.

Suspension needs some tightening up compared to my other Mazda, but easy fixable. I am thinking Eibach pro-kit and a RSB of some sort should make it corener flatter and reduce that horrible wheel gap. Maybe a set of 17" wheels with some 235's to help increase grip. Thats about all I want to do. I may also plasti-dip all the chrome and such. Little mods to make me happier with it.

I have 2 questions:

1) Loud tires - It has the factory Turanza's on it and they are LOUD. I checked tread 8/32 in front and 7/32 in rears (recently rotated, I am guessing) and they sound like a Jeep Wrangler with mudders going down the highway - WAAAH WAAAH WAAAH noise. Is this normal? I don't think I can really get the dealer to replace it without evidence that others have the same issue. They sound cupped or something - no uneven camber/caster wear. Unsure if this is normal????

2) Hissing noise when turning stereo on - So, I have the Bose with the Autoplot and Centerpoint. When I turn the stereo on, there is an audible hissing noise and sounds like there is a microphone on with little buzzes and such? Is this normal and what the Bose does to handle auto volume or whatever? When I turn car on and drive with stereo on, I don't hear it as much. I am unsure if its bluetooth related maybe? I turned off the Autoplot and Centerpoint, but it still does the hissing.

In addition to this hissing, when I turn key on and turn on stereo without car running and turn off and get out of the car, I hear a high-pitched whining noise from under hood that then turns off. Seems battery related or some other electrical component, like a fuel pump almost.

Any advice appreciated!


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