Protege5 manual mode not downshifting

When in manual mode I can upshift up to 4th but I can't manually shift down. I've read around and I've heard that you can downshift but also I've read that you can't, ik the computer does it for you when you're below a certain mph. I believe I have a 03 p5 but the title says 02, but I have the 03 shifter and dash with the gear indicator so lmao. Any help would be appreciated


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there is some switch in the console to check out. and yes, only 03.5 came with tiptronic slapstick IIRC. I like mine.
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2003 protege 5
Do you have side markers on the fenders? If so it is an 03 not 02. The switch is under the shifter inside the center console. I don't know its actual name tho.
2003 protege 5
I cant find the thread about it but Pcb on here is a diagram wizard. I believe there are 2 contact like switches just below the indicator on center console. As you bang up or down it sends a signal to shift. Could be as simple as cleaning the switch/ contacts. I would assume you could test the switch using a multimeter on continuity setting to see if its registering when its touched.
Again, this is foggy memory from a long time ago hopefully pcb or someone can confirm