Protege5 Fog Lights

Had some extra fog lights I was hoarding to make a light bar. Need a house more then another project. All lenses have some amount sand blasting, but no stone holes or cracks.

Top Row, Left to right-
#1- Clean, bright lens, minimal blasting. Asking $60.
#2- Slight blasting. Asking $45.
#3- Slight blasting. Asking $45.

Bottom Row, Left to right-
#4- Wrong screw installed, slight blasting. Asking $30.
#5- Broken stud on back, slight blasting. Asking $30.
#6- Flaking blemish at the bottom of the lens, medium bright glass. Asking $30.

Buyer pays actual shipping and will ship singles as USPS padded flat rate, and pairs/more in USPS medium flat rate.