Protege possible head gasket leak.


03 Mazda protege es
I recently rebuilt the bottom end of my 03 turbo protege because I lost oil pressure at idle and realised i dropped a thrush washer.

installed new bearings, thrust washer,
Crankshaft, clutch, oil pump,water pump,timing belt, pulleys,valve seals.

Anyway before I rebuilt it I had zero issues with smoke or any oil/coolant burning or leaking. No issues with overheating or anything other than oil pressure. I never even took the head off the block while changing the bearings or valves seals. Really don't understand why it's smoking now. The engine was assembled all to spec and oil pressure is good now

So everything is back up and running and at first it was smoking a little so I did a compression test and it's at 150 across all 4 pistons. (With thick cosmetic head gasket is why compression is lower than normal. For boost reasons.)
I replaced the valve seals thinking it would fix the smoking.

But now I'm leaning more towards a coolant burning issue.

It's smoking after warm up at idle and at acceleration and it's gets kinda bad if I rev it up.

It's hard to tell but it appears to be white smoke and I have alot of water/ condensation on my exhaust tip and a slight green paste that looks alot like coolant.

Seems like it would be the head gasket right?

my oil is super clean
The car is not overheating at all
My coolant is clean
Compression is good
There are no leaks around the head
It runs great
The pistons are not steam cleaned what so ever. But do appear to have some sort of very light sludge on them not sure it oil or coolant but I'm pretty sure if it were coolant it would be Burt off and steam clean the piston correct?

I'm kind of stumped here. I plan to do a chemical test on the radiator to see if it's getting combustion fumes in the coolant.

Really hope it's not the head gasket as it is only a one year old cometic head gasket.

Any input would be helpful if anyone has had any experience with this happening.
Thanks alot!!